Live Young Longer Health Coaching and Nutritional Therapy with a bit of NLP and Hypnotherapy thrown in.
Fleet, Hampshire

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30 minute discovery call FREE

If you are not sure if a Nutritional Therapy session is for you, then a 30 minute call by appointment can be arranged to discuss your goals and how using the science of nutrition can help you to improve your physical and mental health.

  • Upper digestive health, reflux, stomach pain, burping, nausea and issues with fat or protein digestion
  • Lower digestive health, everything from the stomach down.
  • Food intolerance's
  • Sport nutrition - particually in female runners
  • Wellbeing and chronic issues

  • Testimonials

    Here is a few comments from previous clients, thank you for your kind words.

    Just want to say thank you for your great advice on how to stay healthy on holiday. Getting fresh lemons and putting slices in water made a nice change when you are drinking so much bottled water abroad. Also taking probiotics really helped my system work well. It must be the first time I have been abroad and not had an upset tummy. Thanks again - great advice.

    - Joanne 2014

    Thank you Caroline, for the advice you gave me yesterday - I enjoyed my hot water with lemon and ginger this morning! It was great to talk with someone who had so much understanding and knowledge of how what I eat can help with my autoimmune condition. Also to know I have a bit of control over what goes in my body to help it fight against what's going on is a really positive thing, when I've been feeling negative about the steroids and immuno suppressants that I have been prescribed. Thanks again

    - Julia 2014

I went to see Caroline primarily because my IBS symptoms were having a negative impact on my life. She was incredibly thorough in going through my entire history to pinpoint the cause of my problems. Her recommendations have had a profound effect on my quality of life. She has also educated me on how to help myself. Thank you so much Caroline!

- Emma 2014


Discovery call - 30 mins - FREE

Nutritional Therapy - 1st Consultation - 90 mins - £120

Nutritional Therapy - Follow up 45 mins - £65

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy/Nutrition package - 60 mins - £300


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