Live Young Longer Health Coaching and Nutritional Therapy with a bit of NLP and Hypnotherapy thrown in.
Fleet, Hampshire

Stop Smoking, hypnosis and nutrition package. (Coming soon)

Using the mix of hypnotherapy and a back up targeted nutrition package, the aim is to enable smokers to become non smokers both on an emotion and physical level. The hypnosis is a single session and the nutritional plan will be focused on the detoxification of the body from the long term build up of toxins through cigarette smoke. The intention is to help the body to improve both physically and mentally so the chemical response of withdrawal is reduced and the the triggers from the daily habits that have developed usually over years are also reduced to be easily forgotten or brushed off if and when they occur.

  • 1hr Session = £300 per session. Includes face to face hypnotherapy session and written food nutrition plan.

    A questionnaire to include nutritional questions will need to be completed and returned prior to the session.
    Supplements may also be recommended depending on individual clients by discussion and these will be at extra cost.
    Any further nutritional advice can be requested using the standard nutritional therapy sessions.

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